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Flour Tortilla burritos with Refried Beans and Cheddar Cheese

Salsa or guacamole
Antibiotic and Nitrate Free Turkey Breast and Muenster Cheese Roll-ups

Baby Carrots and celery sticks with Ranch Dressing
Organic Black Beans and Organic Short Grain Brown Rice with cheddar cheese

Organic Steamed Green Beans

Organic Salsa
Whole Grain Fish Sticks

Organic Steamed Broccolli

Organic Apple Sauce

All Natural Pollo Asado Grilled Chicken Tacos on corn tortillas

Salsa or guacamole

Antibiotic Free Tyson Panko Breaded Chicken Nuggets with ranch

Organic Super Sweet White Corn

Organic Apple Sauce
Turkey Cutlets

Organic Steamed Broccolli and baby carrots

Organic Quinoa
Chicken Salad with celery and grapes on croissant

Organic Veggie Straws
Red & White GF Quinoa Macaroni

Bertolli Organic Pasta Sauce

Kraft Parmasan Cheese

Organic Mango/ Orange/ Passion Fruit Spread with Almond Butter on Honey Wheat Bread

Celery Sticks with ranch dressing
Antibiotic and Hormone Free Chicken Patty on whole grain bun

organic lettuce

Tater tots

Mayonnaise and Organic Ketchup
Blueberry Buttermilk Protein Pancakes with Chia and Hemp

100% Pure Maple Syrup

Antibiotic Free Canadian Bacon

Foster Farms Turkey Franks on whole grain bun

Woodstock Organic Baby Pickle

Veggie Straws
Bow-tie Vegetable Pasta with Baby Spinach, Parmasan Cheese

Cherub Grape Tomatoes
Organic Cauliflower Rice with Black Beans and Organic Grilled Chicken Strips

Greek Pita Flatbread Crisps with butter and parmesan cheese
Swiss Cheese and Applewood Uncured Bacon Mini-quiche and Spinach Florentine Mini Quiche

Apple Sauce
Antibiotic-Free Chicken Melt Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches

Celery Sticks
Organic Baby Carrots

Ranch Dressing
Organic Spaghetti with Homestyle Turkey Meatballs and Bertolli Organic Pasta Sauce

Kraft Parmasan Cheese
Pineapple Basmati Rice with Coconut and Grilled Chicken

Natural Vanilla Yogurt
GF Seasoned Shredded Beef Tacos on Corn Tortillas with Mexican Blend Cheese

salsa or guacamole and sour cream