Arts Integrated Preschool For Children Ages 2-5  1403 E Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85719  School Director: Melissa Callahan  Phone: 520.270.5787  Email:

Arts Integrated Preschool For Children Ages 2-5

1403 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719

School Director: Melissa Callahan

Phone: 520.270.5787


I.        Small Marvel’s MISSION STATEMENT

At Small Marvels, we believe in the power of the arts to promote social and emotional growth, academic and school readiness, resourceful problem-solving, imaginative thinking, and transference of skills and knowledge to new experiences. Through an arts-integrated curriculum, children and families will experience music, visual art, creative movement and theater activities that are tied to academic standards, preparing students for grade school and beyond.  The staff at Small Marvels also recognizes the importance of exposing students to a variety of mediums to help uncover and harness the unique, creative and expressive language, talents and learning style of each individual child.


Our program is based on the work of Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, Dr. Carroll Rinehart, the OMA (Opening Minds through the Arts) program under the direction of Joan Ashcraft, Friedrich Fröbel, the Reggio-Emilia approach and other child development theories.  

We believe that the arts foster essential, age appropriate, social and emotional growth for preschool children, as studied by the National Endowment for the Arts (THE ARTS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD:SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL BENEFITS OF ARTS PARTICIPATION) At Small Marvels, we also believe that an arts integrated curriculum is the best way to engage many different types of learners to prepare them for the academic skills that they will need in school, while still fostering the creativity, exploration and play that is essential to the cognitive, social and emotional, and motor development of the pre-school aged child. 


The director considers the following criteria when enrolling and assigning a child to a classroom either for initial enrollment or re-enrollment:

a)   Age of the child

b)   Parental assessment of the developmental level of the child, and or the Ages & Stages Questionnaire

c)    Availability of space

d)   Diapered child or potty-trained

e)   Multi-Age grouping of students


Small Marvels Preschool is open to children who are 2 years old through 5 years old regardless of race, ethnic background or religious affiliation. All children enrolled in Small Marvels Preschool must have: 

·     A completed enrollment form

·     Initialed Statement of services checklist (last page of this packet)

·     ADHS emergency information and Immunization Record

·     A copy of the child’s current immunization record

·     All other required forms such as the media release form, allergy form and permission to administer medications, if applicable

All children must have: A change of clothing, a washable cover for a sleep mat  (crib sheet), a blankie, a small pillow or stuffed animal and a water bottle. Sleep mat covers and bedding will be sent home weekly to be washed. Sleep mats are sanitized weekly by Small Marvels.

**Disenrollment: Staff will assess the needs of your child through their observations of your child interacting with the children and staff in our classroom setting. After discussions with the Director, determinations will be made regarding meeting the needs of your child in our program. Referrals are often made as soon as possible in order for your child to attain early intervention if needed. If we feel Small Marvels Preschool is not going to meet the needs of your child, we will discuss with you an action plan. Small Marvels Preschool is proactive in helping all families meet the needs of their children as soon as possible.  We will recommend an Assessment with Child Find, or The Blake Foundation.   Small Marvels Preschool reserves the right to refuse and/ or terminate admission to any child for delinquent payment and/ or disciplinary issues.


Small Marvels is a full-time pre-school educational program, not a daycare.  We offer an engaging and arts rich curriculum, at a crucial developmental time in a child’s life.  The activities and lessons that we teach are built upon over time, so it is important for students to attend the full-time program.

However, we understand that families require varying needs of care for their young children, so we do offer part-time care for those families.  Please contact the director with your scheduling needs and a pro-rated tuition will be calculated for part-time care.

All children must be dropped off by 9am daily.  Drop off time is between 8:45 and 9:00.  We do not accept children dropped off later unless there was a Dr.’s appointment or a family emergency, or you have a part-time schedule arrangement with the school.  Please call the school at (520)440-3527 if your child will be late due to the above reasons.  

Children picked up early for any reason may not return to school later that day.

Our hours of operation are M-F 7:30am-5:30pm

The Preschool hours are 9-3:45 

Before care is offered 7:30-8:45 

After care is offered 3:45-5:30 

Extended After care is offered 5:30-7:30pm M, T and F and includes dinner


All children must be signed in and out DAILY.  

Please park in the parking lot behind the school or the vacant lot to the East of the School and walk your child into the front office.  Sign them in using at least your first initial and full last name.  We recommend morning drop off and goodbyes to be short and sweet.  This helps minimize separation anxiety and provides the child with a sense of routine, independence and the expectation that they belong at school.  Give a hug and kiss, say goodbye and wish them a good day. Remind your child you’ll be back in the afternoon and wave goodbye.  Please let the teachers know of any concerns you may have verbally or by text message, such as if the child had a poor night’s sleep, is teething, had an injury at home, diaper rash, etc. so we can accommodate your child’s needs each day.

A minimum late pick up fee of $10.00 is charged for children picked up after 5:30pm (after-care) and increases $1.00 per minute beyond 5:35.  Late pick-ups could result in termination of services.


Parents and children must tour the school and schedule an intake conference with the director prior to enrollment.  Contact the director at (520)270-5787 or schedule your tour and conference in the front office.




$85Registration fee due at registration (non-refundable)

$650per month per child ages 2-5 Monday-Friday 8:45am-3:45pm 

(drop-off starts at 8:45 and ends at 9:00.  Pick up starts at 3:30 and ends at 3:45)

$160per month per child ages 2-12 Before School Care 7:30-8:45am

$180per month per child ages 2-12 After School Care 3:45-5:30

$12.50 additional per day extended After School Care M, T, F 


Part-time rates:

$35 per day per child ages 2-12 Monday-Friday 9am-3:45pm

$10 per day per child ages 2-12 Before School Care 7:30-8:45am

$12.50per day per child ages 2-12 After School Care 3:45-5:30


Rates are subject to change and prior notification will be provided. Tuition payments DO NOT change due to school holidays. No adjustments will be made to tuition for illness or family vacations.We are closed the week of July 4th,Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving and Dec. 24thto Jan. 2nd.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $85.00 per child is due at the time of enrollment. This fee includes a Small Marvels T-shirt, a laundry bag and a milk cup for use at school. Tuition payments are due on the child’s FIRST SCHOOL DAY. 


Payments for the following month are due on the 15thday of the prior month.  For example, December’s tuition is due on November 15th.  


LATE FEES:  Invoices not paid within 7 days of the due date will incur a $20 late fee per week and your child will not be permitted to attend until tuition is paid in full.  If you need to make payment arrangements, PLEASE contact us promptly to avoid additional charges.  


A $35 discount per month is applied when 2 or more children from the same family are enrolled full time in the preschool program only.  The discount is only applied to accounts that are paid by the 15th of the previous month. 

Payments are preferred by check or can be set up for withdrawal from your checking account.  This helps us avoid credit card processing fees.


REFER A FRIEND! get $35 off next month’s tuition and enrolling friends get $25 off first month’s tuition.

Withdrawal/Disenrollment Procedures 

If a child is withdrawn for any reason, Small Marvels requires a month’s notice to be given in writing. No refund of tuition will be given for unused time.



Enrollment of children with special needs will be considered on an individual basis with the approval of the Director.  All allergies, food or environmental, must be noted on the child’s emergency information card and should be shared with the child’s teacher on or before the child’s first day.  The school does not provide support services but will allow for independently hired specialists to provide services at the school.



The preschool years are often the time when developmental, social and emotional, or learning disabilities arise.  While we at Small Marvels can in no way can diagnose, treat, medically or psychologically asses a child, we understand that early intervention and communication between caregivers and parents are key to getting struggling children the help they may need.  The staff at Small Marvels is knowledgeable and trained in early childhood development and may refer your child for an Evaluation with Child Find (520)232-7035, The Blake Foundation (520)795-4977, or your local school district for a comprehensive evaluation to help better meet the needs of your child.



It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation for their individual child/children or make arrangements for carpooling with other parents. Ensuring that your child will be properly seated in a car seat is the parent’s responsibility. Parents need to make the teacher aware of carpool arrangements. *Small Marvels Preschool does not assume any responsibility for parents who choose to transport children other than their own.


We do not take field trips during the school week, but will occasionally organize a weekend or vacation meet-up at locations such as the zoo, the children’s museum or gardening/ special event at the school. SMALL MARVELS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS.  All families attending meet-ups outside of school hours are responsible for the direct supervision and transportation of their child.  Small Marvels assumes no responsibility for students outside of school hours and the facility.


Occasionally, we will organize a walking field trip across the street to the Miles Exploratory Learning Center playground, or to the University of Arizona Campus.  Parents are required to sign a Field Trip Permission Form to participate in these walking trips.


Transportation is available for the Before and After School program only. Contact the director for more information.




Parents are welcome to visit their child any time during the school day.  Parents are also encouraged to volunteer for their child’s teacher at least once per school year.  

We occasionally have family fun days on the weekend.  On these days, the school is open to every family for events such as gardening, craft making, student performances and student art gallery shows.



Please send your child in comfortable, well-fitting clothing that allows for movement and play. 


CLOSED TOED SHOES ARE MANDATORY FOR PRESCHOOL.  Students may not wear sandals, flip flops or any shoe that exposes the toes for safety reasons.  Velcro sneakers are best.  If girls choose to wear skirts, please put shorts or leggings underneath.  




Any student in violation of the dress code will be sent home.


We encourage you to label your child’s clothes, shoes, backpack, crib sheets, blanket, water bottle, pillow, toy, etc. with your child’s initials, using an indelible marker such as a Sharpie.



We are state licensed for diapering students that are in the process of potty-training or not quite ready yet.  We provide wipes, but please provide diapers for your child.  We are cloth-diaper friendly as well!  Please provide a wet bag or we will send home your soiled cloth diapers in a plastic bag. There is a $15 per month diapering fee per child.  We will be happy to assist with potty-training at your comfort level.  Speak with the director if you are potty-training at home and if there is anything we can do to support that process here at school.



*We have a NO NUTS Policy. This means nuts; nut butters or nut oils should NOT be included in your child’s snack or lunch box. We sometimes use Sunflower Seed Butter instead of peanut butter. It can be found at Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Target. Please read all of the labels of products you send with your child to school.  Foods processed in facilities that also process nuts are acceptable.

Small Marvels provides a morning snack for preschool students at 9:45am daily.  If children stay for aftercare, an afternoon snack will be provided at 4:00pm.  Monthly snack menus are posted on our web page.  

Lunch time is at 11:45. A lunch menu can also be found at our web page If you choose to send lunch with your child, please be sure their lunchbox is clearly marked. All Juice must be 100% fruit juice. At lunch MILK or a MILK Substitute is the ONLY drink the children can be served other than water. Lunch must include items from all 5 food components. The 5 food components are Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, and Dairy. For more info on these food components please visit

 We at Small Marvels only serve all-natural food products with no preservatives, trans fat, artificial flavors or colors, and we try to serve as much organic and local produce and food products available.

Small Marvels operates a licensed, commercial kitchen and all staff members preparing or handling food are required to have their Food Handler’s Certificate through the Pima County Health Department.

If your child is allergic to any food or drinks, or for any reason can't have certain foods or juices, please note this on the emergency card and verbally inform his/her teacher. An Allergy Action Plan Form and a Medication ConsentForm will also need to be completed by you and your child’s Doctor. 



All children may bring a toy or other items of his/her own to show and share with his/her classmates on Fridays that relates to the letter, number, shape and or color of the week.  Please mark or have the teacher mark all items with the child's initials. Please do not send expensive, fragile things. No toy knives, toy guns, or weapons please.


With the exception of Friday show and tell, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITH TOYS FROM HOME.  



Up-to-date records of immunizations must be on file upon your child’s attendance. Children must be kept home on days when symptoms of illness are present. Small Marvels must to be notified if your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness of any kind.

Small Marvels is not licensed to provide care for children who are ill. In order to protect all children at our school, ill children need to be excluded from our center. Any child who shows symptoms of illness during the school day will have his/her temperature taken and be evaluated before the parents are called. A prompt attempt will be made to contact the parents or other designated persons so that the sick child can be removed from the center. The child will be isolated from the other children if an obviously communicable disease is noted.

Your child must be removed within one hour of your notification. A child will be excluded from the school if he/she displays any obvious symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or fever of 100 degrees or more.

The 24-Hour Rule: If a child is absent or sent home from school due to illness, your child may not return until he/she is symptom and fever free (without Tylenol!) for 24 hours, and not having vomited for up to 6 to 8 hours after eating a meal.

Children will be excluded from school with the following symptoms:

·      Diarrhea

·      Fever

·      Rash

·      Vomiting

·      Harsh Cough

·      Chicken pox 

·      Lice/pinworms

·      Pink Eye




At Small Marvels we train our staff thoroughly and believe strongly in age appropriate discipline and behavior guidelines.  If students are being unsafe, being threatening in any way to another child, or not following the directions of a staff member, we follow the Love & Logic guidelines.  We also practice mindfulness and have implemented a calming corner where students can identify their emotions and ways that they can self-regulate their behavior.

The Rules of Love and Logic 

RULE #1 

Adults set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, or threats. 


RULE #2 

When a child causes a problem the adult hands it back in loving ways. 

1.   In a loving way, the adult holds the child accountable for solving his/her problems in a way that does not make a problem for others. 

2.   Children are offered choices with limits. 

3.   Adults use enforceable statements. 

4.   The adult’s empathy is “locked in” before consequences are delivered. 

If your child is misbehaving, our staff is will intervene the following way.

1.   Acknowledge the behavior.

2.   Describe to the child why the behavior is inappropriate.

3.   Offer a choice:We often suggest the calming corner as a place where students can voluntarily explore their emotions and calming strategies to re-direct them in a safe, supportive manner.

4.   If child is not responding, then model appropriate behavior.  Role playing about what a child could do differently is an effective re-direction strategy.

5.    Provide a warning for consequence if necessary.

6.   Provide PRAISE at any time during the process when the child acknowledges or changes their behavior, calmly talks about their perspective and feelings, makes an appropriate choice, or apologizes for their behavior and acts appropriately.


If a child exhibits behavior that is threatening, violent, or puts other children at significant risk, the following steps will be taken:

1stoffense:  Verbal warning

2ndoffense: “Reset time,” away from the group

3rdoffense:  Parent notification and removal from school


The preschool years are a normal developmental stage in a child’s life to use their physical body to express themselves, as their language skills and emotional regulation develops more slowly. However, if a child consistently hits, kicks, bites, scratches or physically compromises the safety of the other students, a parent teacher conference will be scheduled, and a behavior plan will be agreed upon and implemented.  If the child shows no significant improvement in behavior, they may face suspension or expulsion from the program at the discretion of the Director.



Liability insurance documentation is available upon request



If your child requires medication currently or at any time, please complete the attached Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Child Care LicensingMEDICATION CONSENT FORM.  Medication will be locked away and administered by a CPR and first aid certified staff member. All medication must be clearly labeled with the child’s name, the dosage and timing information, and any applicable physician’s prescribing info.  YOU MUST INFORM THE DIRECTOR either in person, via email, or by phone if your child requires medication at any time.  All medication must be prescribed by a physician and the child must be in a non-contagious state to attend school.  NO OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS WILL BE ADMINISTERED during the school day unless prescribed by a physician.  


Small Marvels preschool is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services and follows monthly and annual licensing requirements.  Inspection reports including fire inspections, fire drill evacuation logs and Pima County Health Department food service inspections are available upon request. Pesticide Application Notices and Communicable Disease Notification will also be clearly displayed as required.



Child Care Licensing Tucson Office
400 W. Congress, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85701