A Little Closer to Becoming a BIG, MARVELOUS Success

“Our mission is to take the best of arts integrated curriculum, resources, methods and materials and provide high-quality, child-centered preschool activities for the small marvels in our lives. Childhood is precious: the most we change happens in the shortest amount of time; but once the arts are in your heart, your head and your hands, your body never forgets how to make harmony from discord and how to express in a voice that’s most true to our spirit and most beautiful to others" - Melissa Callahan, Director of Small Marvels


Small Marvels is just a little closer to being a BIG, MARVELOUS success: all the remodeling, flooring, plumbing, electrical and kitchen work is done! Go Small Marvels! Special thanks to Gilbert Martinez, Steve Bohn Architecture, Bart at Wood’s Plumbing, and Jones’s Electric for all your hard work. 

Thanks to Raphael and Michael for the beautiful restoration of the historic red oak floors. We’ve done some decorating, cleaning, habitat installing (fish and frogs) and classroom organizing thanks to Sandy Holmes and her crew! Sandy is also on board for helping us create a state of the art ceramics studio for our preschool and after care students. Yeah!

Landscaping was done in a day by volunteer cooperative Serve Tucson. We were surprised to find a team of student volunteers from the University of Arizona donating their time and sweat on a sunny Saturday morning to tidy up our corner on Broadway and Highland. An answer to prayer indeed!

Our web site is ready for prime time; thanks to Dan @ Mythos Y Logos for his terrific work (and late nights) and to my mom Linda for proofreading (and the Callahan clan for guinea pigging it too!). 

We are also working with Thom Plasse from Tucson Village Farm to install and develop a seasonal and organic gardening program and with nutritionist Kariman Pierce to develop a menu utilizing these crops as part of our lunch and snack service program and curriculum.

Inspections are complete except for the final for Pima County Health Department kitchen licensing inspection so we can provide daily menus of healthy, homemade lunches, snacks and treats.  This will also enable us to provide the snacks for before and after school classes, as well as kitchen skills lessons for children. The fire inspection is complete and we passed with flying colors. Permits have been approved or are being approved and we are ready to open- almost!

Now we need a little help from our friends, family, community and Good Samaritans...

We’ve set up a Go Fund Me site in hopes that you can help us with our final expenses.  We’re almost there, but we still need to pay the DHS licensing fee, liability insurance, get our video surveillance cameras functioning and hooked up to a DVR, get a few more pieces of furniture so all our students can sit comfortably, musical instruments, as well as janitorial and office supplies.  Any help would be greatly appreciated to get us through these final steps

Click the link below which will take you to our Go Fund Me page: many small pieces are left to be funded which we’d like to have in place prior to opening to ensure the whole child is supported throughout the day with easy access to high quality learning and creating play tools and “reasoning and expressing” kinesthetic resources (fancy way of saying cool toys, music instruments, and 2 and 3 D art supplies, along with indoor and outdoor creative movement, free play, and constructive play resources).

Thanks in advance to all those who will support us in this endeavor!